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Do My Hours Carry Over if I Don't Use Them All?

 - Yes, in fact you can have up to 50% more hours in a month from prior month carryover.

How Do You Handle Phone Calls?

 - Your VA will answer calls anytime during business hours (even though you're only paying a portion of their schedule).  Calls are handled live by your VA, or if they can't answer, by their voicemail which they will return promptly.  

How Does Billing Work - When Am I Using My Hours?

 - Your VA will real time track their minutes online, with no ability to 'double charge' minutes to more than one company, so you know you're only paying when they are dedicated to your account.  Activities are charged in minimum 6 minute increments.   

Do I Pay for Training?

 - No, your VA will be proficient in the basics of property management, and using your PM software, as well as Fair Housing.  If you want to train them on the specific tasks you need done, Showing Ai provides you four hours of their time without charge during each month of service.    

What Happens if I Go Over My Hours?

 - You can choose up front whether to set up overflow hours at $35 per hour, or to have us alert you if you are over so that you can turn us off for the rest of the month, and pick up again the following month.  

What Are the Setup Fees?

 - You pay just a flat $350 startup payment when you sign up for any program.  This covers your dedicated phone line, email, and administrative costs to get your VA started.   It also includes your 3 interviews to choose the VA that is best for you.   

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