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Dedicated Virtual Assistants for Property Managers

100% U.S.

Our Services

Choose Your VA

You'll Zoom interview 3 candidates and receive a Resume for each, for you to choose the best fit for what you need.

All candidates will either have college education or experience in the property management industry, or both.

On request, we will even include Bilingual candidates.

Once you've selected your top choice, you are ready to go!

What Can My Personal VA Do?

Your VA can do most tasks in your office, like data entry, maintenance follow up, answer your reception phone line and your cell phone calls, follow up with leasing prospects, onboard new owners, set up periodic maintenance or inspections, and more!  

Your VA won't do activities requiring a license, or sales calls - but there really aren't many limits on what they can do.

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How Much Is It

While you have a dedicated VA that you'll get to know, you are buying a portion of their time, so you're saving versus hiring a full-time employee.  And unlike a part-timer, your VA is available to you during all business hours, when you need them.  

Packages start at just $800 per month.

How We Operate


“He who serves the most, reaps the most."

Jim Rohn

Ready to find your VA?

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